Monday, October 18, 2010

Music: First Aid Kit

I think I've found my new favorite band! I'm absolutely in love with these girls!
First Aid Kit is a Swedish sister-duo who create vocal-heavy folk music that will stir your soul. Their insanely strong voices and haunting harmonies are just breath-taking. These sisters, Klara and Johanna, are just 17 and 20, but already they are rocking concerts all over Europe, US and Canada. Actually, they just played in Toronto on the 15th! I missed them!

Influenced by Bright Eyes, they were originally going to call their band 'Yellow Bird', but when Klara flipped open an English dictionary and found 'First Aid Kit' it was decidedly their official band name. Amazing. So, take a listen, and I hope you'll find their sound as moving as I did...

And the Fleet Foxes cover that originally made them famous:
...2:18 is my favorite part. So awesome.

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