Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music: Mumford & Sons

I'm hoping you've listened to these guys by this point.
They're gut-wrenchingly good. Soul-filling, take-your-breath-away good.
They're playing in Toronto in November, and after reading this write-up about their performance at Lollapalooza, I hope I get to experience it.

'Their music builds, it swells, and it takes me along until it all crashes into runaway melodies that seem composed of innocent wildness. Even better was watching their faces, because they mirrored ours. They had a shining newness on stage that showed no hint of the pretension that could come along with such success. Their sound filled me up from the inside instead of sweeping around me; it held me and moved me, and yes, I did get tears in my eyes. There is such a fearlessness in Mumford and Sons. When they perform it is intimate and real and consuming. It left me breathless.' (Heather from the Fuel Friends blog)

Here's a few:


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this treasure! I listened to the first song 4 times in a row... I had to find out more about them, so I looked up the concert.

    Their website says they'll be in Toronto at the Sound Academy on November 13, and if you go to

    www.sound-academy.com/events/show/513 it has the details...

    Thanks one more time for letting others see the world through different eyes.

  2. Ang, the whole album is amazing. You should definitely give the rest of it a listen.

    Also, thanks for the kind words! :)