Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amazing Bow Ties

From the same amazing couple that brought us the 'mustache on a stick' come these adorable bow ties! I love the colors, the packaging, the photos...everything! Introducing the 'Forage' line from Something's Hiding in Here.


  1. a) love those bow ties
    b) when I got home I finally realized where I recognized you from- your blog!

    It was nice to meet you today, especially doing such a fun thing as making pickles/relish! Hopefully we'll do something fun like that again soon - pies?? quilts? knitting? so many possibilities.

  2. Thanks Kate! But that doesn't answer my question: Where do I know you from?! Your blog is SO cute, by the way. And you and your bf are the cutest!

    Today was fun. Hollie said we should create a society of domestic ladies, and I agree. Looking forward to seeing you again.

    Also, do you go to Knit Nights at the Brain?

  3. There are knit nights at the brain?? I was completely unaware. When are they? Do you go?

    Your blog is super cute too! I enjoy reading the blogs of fellow Hamiltonians.

  4. Hey Kate,

    Knit Night is every Wednesday from 7-9. I try to go; it's so fun. You should check it out. You can bring whatever craft you want, if you don't feel like knitting.

  5. hurrah for new friends!

    also, these bowties are amazing!

  6. LOVE THE BOW TIE! thanks for sharing! ;)