Thursday, April 22, 2010

West Coast Wonder: Day 8

Since we started our trip, we’ve been trying to maintain a good balance of ‘seeing everything we should see and making the most of our trip’ AND ‘relaxing, and just soaking up this glorious vacation time’. Yesterday was a great mix of both. It was our last full day in Seattle, and we finally got to witness the Seattle rain we’ve heard so much about. Since we woke up to the rain, we decided to check out the Underground Tour.

The tour is a guided walk where they tell you a lot of the history of Seattle, and take you underground to see some of old shops and alleyways where the city used to function. What happened was after the Great Fire, the city rebuilt everything (in brick this time), but since they wanted to flatten out the land a little bit (the hills in Seattle are insane!), and solve their sewage problems, they planned for the second story of all the buildings to become the part that would meet the new roads they were building. Since they were building to roads at a second-story level, it would put all the bottom level sections 'underground'.

(Above) While we were walking around the city, we’d see these glass squares in the sidewalk, and we learned that they acted as ‘sunlights’ for the buildings below.

It was a really interesting tour, and although the price is a little steep ($15/person), I’d definitely recommend it. Next we checked out the Seattle Library, which we were told (by a lot of people) was a must-see. It was incredible! Definitely the most amazing library I've ever seen...

We spend the rest of the day walking around (Downtown, Capitol Hill, Belltown, etc), and ended up going to the movies later that evening. We hit up Whole Foods on the way home, and made friends with the cheese expert there. We picked out some Brie and wine, and headed back to the hotel for an 'evening in'...

Amazing day.

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