Wednesday, April 21, 2010

West Coast Wonder: Day 7

Another great day in Seattle! As much as we’ve tried our best to fit in here on the West Coast, yesterday was a day to be tourists. The weather was beautiful (grey, but warm), and we headed to Pike Place Market. The market was so huge! We had no idea what to expect, and soon found ourselves weaving through the floors and alleys of this crazy place.

Of course, we couldn't leave Pike Place without seeing the original Starbucks! Kevin got a Pike Place Roast, and we heard a little bit about the history of this location. They are the only 'chain' that's allowed in the market, since they got in there at the beginning. BUT because they are a historical landmark, they are not allowed to make any upgrades to their building. This means that they don't serve food, and they brew their coffee in the original barista machines.

After our time at the market, we hopped on the ferry for a ride over to Bainbridge Island. Okay, riding the ferry is amazing! We saw an awesome view of the city, and got to enjoy the fresh breeze!

We got off at the island, and spend the afternoon strolling the small-town shops, enjoying the Pegasus coffee shop, and grabbing dinner at the Harbour Public House (mmm, fish and clams and mussels!) This is a definite recommendation for anyone coming to Seattle; Bainbridge Island is a whole other part of the culture here, and the 30 minute ferry ride is so nice!

I thought I'd include this thrilling video for you as well. Bainbridge is so cute!

When we got back, it was time to navigate ourselves over to the Victory Lounge. Why? Because it was Tuesday! If you know us, you know why Tuesdays are important, and that we weren’t about to miss our favourite TV show just because we’re on vacation! We found this sweet LOST viewing that happens each week at a bar here, and afterwards, they had a LOST Bingo-Trivia game, and we won a prize! It was a great day, with lots of beautiful weather, and nice walking, and we were totally exhausted by the end of the night. Stay tuned, as we participate in even more tourist activity!

(*Update: Camera charger found! Yay!!)

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