Saturday, April 17, 2010

West Coast Wonder: Day 3

What a great day! The Alberta Arts District is absolutely fascinating! Located along NE Alberta Street, this area is both a beautiful residential neighborhood as well as a shopping mecca. The shops are almost all individually owned, and are totally unique. There's a great mix of coffee shops, restaurants, vintage clothing shops, arts and crafts stores, and totally interesting one-of-a-kind treasures.
We started at 7th, and worked our way east on Alberta, and walked until about 28th. There were so many curious places to stop, we only made our way down one side of the street before everything started to close and we had to get back for dinner. Here's a glimpse into what we saw yesterday...

This is a sweet sewing studio, that also sells everything you need for your basic sewing projects. They offer lessons, and classes, as well as space to rent for over-sized sewing projects. You can buy your machine here, and they will show you how to use it. Or you can bring in the machine you already have, and they will do the research to teach you how to master it. They offer sewing classes, but also knitting, quilting, screen-printing and more. This studio was fresh and welcoming, with such great aesthetics. I loved the vintage toy sewing machines on display. It really made me wish for something like this on Ottawa Street in Hamilton...
Obviously I love this place! Ampersands are my favorite! This gallery is like nothing I've seen before. They are committed to the preservation of old photographs, paper ephemera, letters, postcards and collectible books. So after you check out their current exhibit, you can look through the hundreds of old pictures, passports, documents and other vintage curiosities. They even had a prison book from 1932, with original photos and descriptions of all the inmates.
Ampersand hopes to convey 'the little details of human routines that often get lost in the broader studies of history. The dividing line between now & then, past & present or vintage & contemporary is not as dramatic as we often think.'
Going to the Together Gallery was one of my favorite parts of our trip so far. If you're in the Alberta area, you absolutely must stop in here, and meet Tim. Not only is he the owner of this super-sweet gallery, he's also an amazing artist with huge ambition.
We were checking out all the rad prints, looking for something to take home and remind us of this trip. All the pieces we kept coming back to turned out to be Tim's work! He took us back to his studio, and showed us a bunch of pieces he had just finished, and some that were in the works. There is so much talent here in Portland, and we were so honored to meet someone like this, who is living out his passions, and adding such beauty to this city.
This was one of the best vintage clothing store's I've been to. Not because of the selection or price, but because it was extremely organized and beautifully styled. Also because Kevin bought his super-hot leather jacket here. ;)
Lastly, we stayed with some new friends, a house full of people who go to Imago Dei. They invited us into their home, served us dinner, bought us beer, made a sweet bonfire, and provided a super comfortable place for us to sleep. Thank you, Zeph, Megan, Brian and Beth. We are feeling so blessing during this incredible trip.

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