Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Garden in the Works

We're hoping to revamp both our front yard and our backyard this summer. Ambitious, I know. Let's start with the back. We've got a great little deck, and then a yard of patio stones. It's a great place to sit on warm summer evenings, but it still doesn't feel like our own special place.

When we first moved in we got a cheap patio set (thanks, Kijiji!), but it was definitely meant as a place holder for something nicer, and more in tune with our style...Now we're ready for the real thing!

There are two options that I'm interested in right now. I'd love a really earthy feel in our backyard; lots of white, wood, and of course, plants.

Option #1. These chairs (thanks for the inspiration, Nicole). If we get the Blanko chairs, we'll have to find a cute table to match. (There is a table in the Blanko series, but its too small.) Suggestions are welcome!
Option #2. The Malaro series. I love the way these look, and that they fold up for easy storage. I also love that you can get a bench in this set.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for our little backyard paradise. I'm hoping to get to the library this week to get some books for a gardening beginner like myself, but if you have any great resources, please let me know. We're also planning to set up some string lights, and some hanging planters. Stay tuned for more details...


  1. OOOH! The foldy chairs/bench/table! That bench is the cutest and being able to fold and store them during the winter will be a huge plus. That's my vote!

  2. Thanks Monica! I was at Ikea yesterday, and checked them out, and they're so cute. Thanks for your vote! I'll be sure to update when we've done the back-yard makeover...